Concerts Wim


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March 13                                   Vlaardingen, Grote kerk 15:00h, m.m.v. Vlaarding’s Male Choir Orpheus bij Uitreiking Geuzenpenning

March 24                                  Monnickendam, Grote kerk 20:00h, Johannes-Passion, Cantorij Monnickendam, continuo

April 13-19                                Russia, organ concerts in Moskou, Saratov & Penza

June 15                                      Vlaardingen, optreden met Vlaarding’s Male Choir Orpheus bij Slag om Vlaardingen evenement

June 16                                      Vlaardingen, Grote kerk 11:00h, concert met Vlaarding’s Male Choir Orpheus

July 17                                       Amsterdam, H. Fransiscus van Assisi church, 15:00h, Organ concert

July 10                                      Den Burg (Texel), Catholic church, 20:00h Quatre-Mains concert with Susanna Veerman.

August 4                                   Haarlem, Kathedrale Basiliek St. Bavo 15:00h, organ concert with Susanna Veerman (quatre-mains and solo)

September 15.                         Delft, Oude kerk 15:00h Optreden met Vlaarding’s Male Choir Orpheus

October 7                                 Bergen op Zoom, St. Gertrudiskerk 16:00h, Organ concert with Susanna Veerman

October 20                               Zieuwent, St. Werenfriduskerk 19:30h, Meerkorenconcert met Zelhem’s Male Choir

October 27                               Medewerking aan korenfestival met Vlaarding’s Male Choir Orpheus

December 21                           Vlaardingen, Grote kerk 20:00h, Christmas concert with Vlaarding’s Male Choir Orpheus


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February 5                              USA, San Francisco, St. Mary’s Cathedral, 16:00h, Organ concert.

February 11-12                       USA, San Francisco, Palace of the Legion of Honor, 16:00h, Quatre-mains concert with Susanna Veerman.

March 18                                 Vlaardingen, Valkenhof Theater, 20:00h, Concert with Male Choir Orpheus and Accordion orchestra.

April 1                                      Monnickendam, Grote kerk, 20:00h, St. John Passion, with Cantorij Monnickendam.

May 5                                       Zelhem, “De Brink”, 20:00u Liberation concert with Zelhem’s Male choir.

May 6                                       Papendrecht, Bethlehem church, 16:00u, KCZB Children’s choir method. Presentation concert with Roden Boys Choir.

May 9                                       Amsterdam, Koepelkerk, 19:00u, Organ accompaniment, presentation Gemini Windmill park.

May 12                                     Leiden, Resurrection Church, 20:00h, Spring concert with Male Choir Vox Humana.

May 14                                     England, London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, 16:45h, Organ concert.

May 20                                    France, Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral, 20:00h, Organ concert.

June 8-12                               Germany, Weimar, Erfurt, concerts with Male Choir Phoenix.

July 1                                       Kampen, Bovenkerk, 16:00u, KCZB Children’s choir method. Presentation concert with Roden Boys Choir and Kampen Boys Choir.

July 29                                    Canada, Montréal, Christ Church Cathedral, 16:30h, Organ concert.

July 30                                    Canada, Montréal, Basilica at Saint Joseph’s Oratory, 15:30h, Organ concert.

October 6                                Almelo, Grote kerk, 20:00u, Concert with Vlaardings Male Choir Orpheus.

October 28                             Aalten, Zuiderkerk, 20:00u, Jubilee concert with Aalten’s Male Choir.

November 24                         Amstelveen, Kruiskerk, 20:00u, Concert with COV Amstelveen, Oratorium Paul.

November 26                         Leiderdorp, Dorpskerk, 16:00u,Memorial concert ARUM with Vox Humana Leiden, RSO.

December 15                          Apeldoorn, Grote kerk, 20:00u, Christmas concert with ACM Apeldoorn and Aalten.

December 20                         Vlaardingen, Grote kerk, 20:00u, Christmas concert with Male Choir Vox Humana Leiden and Orpheus Vlaardingen.

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April 8                                      Italy, Cantù, Basilica di San Paolo, 21:00h, Organ concert.

April 21                                    France, Paris, St. Trinité church 12:45h, Quatre-mains organ concert.

May 14                                     France, Paris, St. Clotilde church 17:00h, Organ concert.

May 28                                    Alphen aan de Rijn, Choir festival with male choir Vox Humana.

June antidepressant drugs list  23-27                             Germany, Kronach, Coburg, Ludwigsstadt, concerts with male choir Phoenix.

July 23                                     Hengelo, St. Lambertus Basilica, 15:00h, Quatre-mains organ concert.

July 26                                     Texel, De Waal, Dorpskerk, 20:15h, Organ concert.

August 6                                  Germany, Wuppertal, Old Lutheran church, 18:00h, Organ concert.

August 28                                The Hague, Loosduinen, Abdijkerk, 15:00h, Organ concert.

September 18                         Ukraine, Vinnytsya, International Organ Festival, 19.00h Quatre-mains and Solo.

September 22                         Russia, Moscow, Angelica Church, 18:30h, Organ concert.

September 23                         Russia, Moscow, Art Centre, Opening Jheronimus Bosch Exhibition, 18:30h, Organ concert.

September 25                         Russia, St. Petersburg, Quatre-mains and Solo, 16:00u, Organ concert.

September 29                         Russia, Novosibirsk, State Philharmony, 18:30h, Organ concert.

October 1                                 Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Philharmony, 18:30h, Organ concert.

October 2                                 Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Philharmony, 17:00h, Organ concert.

October 9                                 Amsterdam, St. Augustine church, 12:30h, Organ and Vocal concert with Dmitri Grinikh.

December 16                           Leiden, Marekerk, 20:00h. Christmas concert with male choir Vox Humana and ensemble Orpheus.

December 17                           Vlaardingen, Bethelkerk, 20:00h. Christmas concert with male choir Orpheus.

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May 16                                     Alessandria (Italy), Evangelista San Giovanni 21:00h, organ concert.

May 23                                     Amsterdam, St. Augustine church 15:00h, Pentecost organ & vocal concert.

June 9                                      Moscow, House of Music Concert Hall 19:00h, organ concert solo & duet.

June 10                                    Moscow, St. Peter & Paul Cathedral, 20:00h, organ concert solo & duet.

20 July to 10 August             Concerttour Canada. Montreal St. Andrew and St. Paul, Niagara on the lake, Kitchener etc.

September 19                          Schiedam, Choir festival.

September 25                         Leiden, Stadsgehoorzaal 20:00h, Concert with male choir Vox Humana.

November 29                          Leiderdorp, Scheppingskerk 15:30h, memorial concert.

December 5/6                         London, 2 concerts with choir.

December 13                           Alphen a/d Rijn, Maranathakerk 18:30h, Christmas concert.

December 16                           Leiden, Marekerk 20:00h, Christmas concert with male choir Vox Humana.

December 19                           Vlaardingen, Bethelkerk 20:00h, Christmas concert with male choir Orpheus.

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May 27 Rotterdam, St. Laurence church, 12:45h organ concert.
July 6 Paris, St. Nicholas du Chardonnet 17:45h, organ concert solo and duet.
August 10 Werningshausen, Monastery St. Wilbert 19:00h, organ & vocal concert.
August 23 Sittard, concert with RCM Vox Humana.
August 28 to 31 Czech Republic, Prague: concert trip Vlaarding’s male choir “Orpheus”.
October 31 Vlaardingen, private concert with Vlaarding’s male choir for donors and sponsors 20:00h.
November 21 Amstelveen, Messiah by GF Handel with the COV Amstelveen, 20:00h.
November 23 Leiderdorp, Village church, with RCM concert Vox Humana, 15:30h.
December 4 Paris, St. Trinité 12:45h , organ concert.
December 13 Leiden, St. Peter church 20:00h, christmas concert with “Vox Humana” & COV “Laus Deo” from Voorschoten.
December 20 Vlaardingen, Bethelkerk 20:00h, christmas concert with Vlaardings male choir. 2013

April 6 Delft, The Old church 13;00h, concert with VMKO & Enschede’s male choir “Sursum Corda”.
April 28 Amsterdam, Wester church 19:30u, Cantata BWV 29
April 29 Leiden, Marekerk 20:00h, Kings Concert with RCM Vox Humana, Mozart program.
September 7 Amsterdam, St. Augustine church 16:00h, organ & piano concert
Wim Does (organ) & Susanna Veerman (piano).
September 14 Leiden, Occur with RCM Vox Humana under Heritage, 15:00h.
September 18 to 24 Canada. Concert trip solo & duet September 21,: Concert Église Saint-Lambert in Montréal, 16:00h September 24,: Concert St. James Cathedral, Toronto, 13:00h.
October 13 Paris, American Church 17:00h, organ concert solo & duet (on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Beckerath organ).
November 2 Kethel, village church 20:00h, choir concert with Vlaardings male choir.
November 9 Meudon (France), organ concert solo & duet on the house organ of Alexandre Guilmant and Marcel Dupré. 17:30h.
November 10 Paris, Chapelle St. Louis l’Ecole Militaire 16:00h, organ concert.
November 17 Amsterdam, St. Augustine church 13:00h, Organ & Violoncello concert. Sebastiaan van Eck (cello) and Judith Van Eck (cello).
December 1 Leiderdorp, village church 15.30h, christmas concert with RCM Vox Humana.
December 20 Leiden, Marekerk 20:00h, christmas concert with RCM Vox Humana.
December 21 Vlaardingen, Bethelkerk 20:00h, christmas concert with Vlaarding’s male choir “Orpheus”. 2012

January 21 Enschede, St. Mary’s Church 20:00h. New Year Concert with GZK Laus Deo & CMK Sursum Corda.
April 18 Vlaardingen, The Great Church 20:00h, Spring concert with Vlaardings male choir “Orpheus”.
June 30 Amsterdam, St Augustine’s church 14:00h. organ & horn concert. Robert Jan Looysen, Horn.
September 8 Hengelo, Crystal church 15:00u. Organ & Piano concert.
September 30 Utrecht, St. Willibrordkerk 14:00h, organ concert. Pièces de Fantaisie L. Vierne Suite 1 and 3.
October 5 ‘S-Gravensande, Zalencentrum Bridge 20:00h, opera concert with Vlaardings male choir “Orpheus” & male choir EMM’ ‘s-Gravensande.
November 17 Enschede, The Great Church 20:00h, Anniversary concert with Enschede’s male choir “Sursum Corda”
December 8 Dorsten, St. Agatha Church (Germany) 11:30h, organ concert.
December 10 Castallana Grotte, Bari (Italy) 20:00h, organ concert.
December 11 to 15 Bari (Italy), President jury International Organ Competition.
December 15 Vlaardingen, Bethel church 20:00h, christmas concert with Vlaardings male choir “Orpheus”.
December 21 Leiden, The Auditorium 20:00h, christmas concert with Rijnlands male choir “Vox Humana”.

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January 22 Enschede, St. Joseph Church 20:00h. Concert with male choir Sursum Corda.
April 1 Enschede, Immanuëlkerk, 20:00h. Easter Concert with male choir Sursum Corda.
June 4 Rialto Basilica, 20:00h. Quatre-mains organ concert with Susanna Veerman.
June 7 Nijkerk, Grote Kerk, 20:00h. solo & quatre-mains concert (Susanna Veerman & Wim Does)
June 11 Amsterdam, Augustine Church, 14:00h. Organ concert with Maarten Veeze violin (Pentecost concert)
June 17 Houses, Think Church, 20:00h. Organ Quatre-mains concert with Susanna Veerman.
June 18 Utrecht, St. Aloysius Church, 18:00h. Organ solo, quatre-mains and vocals concert with Susanna Veerman. (Adr. van Ostadelaan 4).
June 21 Rotterdam St. Laurens Church, 12:45h. Ogan concert.
June 25 Purmerend, Koepelkerk, 14:00h. Organ concert with Susanna Veerman vocals.
July 6 Hamburg, St. Petri Church, 17:15h. Organ concert.
July 17 France, Orléans Cathedral, 17:00h. Organ concert.
July 23 Medemblik, Boniface Church, 16:00h. Organ concert.
August 13 Rijssen, Schildkerk, 19:00h. Solo and quatre-mains organ concert.
August 16 De Waal (Texel), Reformed Church, 20:15h. Organ concert with Susanna Veerman. (Organ solo, duet and vocals).
September 16 Alphen a/d Rhine, Maranathakerk, 20:15h   Quatre-mains concert with Susanna Veerman.
October 2 Spain, Mallorca Cathedral, 19:45h. Organ concert.
13/16 October: Concert in Germany with RCM Vox Humana.
October 25 Enschede, Music Hall, 20:00h. Organ concert solo and quatre-mains with  Susanna Veerman. More info?
October 28 Enschede, Detakerk, 20:00h. Concert with three male choirs.
November 20 Swifterbant, St. Willibrord Church, 15:30h. Organ concert with Susanna Veerman. (Organ solo, duet and vocals).
November 27 Amsterdam, Wester church, 19:30h. Cantata Service. Performed Saint Nicolas cantata by Benjamin Britten.
December 17 Vlaardingen, Grote kerk, 20:00h. Christmas Concert with male choir Orpheus.
December 26 De Waal, Texel, Reformed Church, 16:00h. Commissioning cabinet organ


Plaatsen waar Wim concerten verzorgde:

Alphen aan den Rijn
De Waal
Den Burg
Den Haag
Katwijk aan Zee



Niagara on the Lake

Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt Bergen-Enkheim



Le Mans

Castallana Grotte, Bari



St. Petersburg


Redwood City
St. Francisco